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Since 1994, when I took my first diving course, diving has been one of my biggest
This parallel universe under the waves never ceases to amaze me, so tranquil and
so completely different from the hectic world that we live in.

After 7 years and many dives I picked up a rental underwater camera in Bonaire,
just for fun. And before I knew it the virus got hold of me!
Before the holiday was over I bought a simple amphibious camera and the hunt
for the perfect picture began.
A hunt that, I now realize, will never ever end.

With the help of some renowned underwater photographers/friends such
as Karin Brussaard I became better and better and the hobby grew out
to be a passion (bordering on obsession) and now I never enter the water without my camera.

I currently use an Olympus PEN3 in an Olympus housing. The strobes I use are a Sea&Sea D1
and a Sea&Sea YS20.
My favorite lenses are the 14-42mm zoom and a 45mm Macro.
If I go into the water without a plan, I usually mount the 14-42 zoom because it's so versatile.

In 2008 I entered a picture in the Bonaire Habitat annual photo contest and to my amazement
I won the first prize!!!
With the sweet taste of victory still in my mouth, I'm sure to enter other contests.

If you read this and you are thinking about trying out under water photography, or you already
started but you don't get the results that you are after, you can always mail me.
I learned the ropes from the photographers and friends that took the time to help me and I'd
be more than happy to pass on that knowledge.

I will update this site regularly, so stay tuned!

Eddy Veuger
Under water photographer and Bon-Vivant